Thursday, 30 April 2009


Well it's almost the end of April - jolly good.

I've just found an interesting website ... Hubpages. Apparently it's a place where you can voice your opinions, ideas and showcase your writing abilities. If you have them ...

I have joined the site and intend to explore it etc etc. I'm unsure as to how it works - it looks a bit complicated - but I'm sure I'll work it out. So far I've just followed all the little 'pop-up' instructions. It's really kinda cool. Do this do that ... and the cool part is whilst I'm doing this and that - I have no idea what I'm creating ...

I'm not entirely sure as to what I will end up doing with it ... I never considered myself a writer, though I'm known for talking to much and writing incredibly long letters - when a paragraph will do just as nicely.

Watch this space.

Or rather - watch my
Hubspace ...

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